Q/A: How Much a Baseball Factory Cost (Total Investment Required) ?

Hello Emazians, hope all of you are doing well 😊, in today's post we will be talking about Baseball Factory Cost like how much it costs to setup a small medium scale factory to manufacture items like baseball bats, balls, helmets etc.

So let's get to it.

baseball factory cost

Baseball Factory Cost Breakdown

okay first of all, to make everything about baseball sport like bats, caps, shirts, balls etc you will need different machines.

Let's talk about first baseball bats manufacturing machines.

Baseball Bats Manufacturing Machine:

To manufacture a baseball bats you will need to buy wood lathe/machine, such a machine will cost in the range of $2000 to $8000; variation in price is due to different features, quality, output capacity and level of automation.

baseball bat making wood leathe machine

To operate this machine you will need a lathe expert who has operated this machine for at least 4.5 years, 8 hours each day (doesn't mean like operating it constantly for 8 hours but you get what I am saying, right?!) .

Baseball Balls Manufacturing Machine:

Coming to baseball balls manufacturing, you got two option, one is to follow traditional method of manufacturing (balls made out of cowhide, yarn, rubber, cork etc) and the other is to follow more cost effective and increasingly popular method of manufacturing called PU Polyurethane Ball Manufacturing where injection moulding is used to make baseball balls.

To make balls through traditional method you will need a total of 7 machines, details are as follow.

1. Mixer
2. Looper
3. Mixer
4. Hydraulic Press
5. Stitching Vise
6. Press
7. Three Headed Stamper

To watch how its done according to the above steps, please watch the following video:

You can purchase pills for the balls from a rubber manufacturing factory in Alabama, the whole traditional setup will cost in the range of $2000 to $8000.

This cost doesn't include raw material cost and the cost variation is due to availiability/non availability of these machines locally, like if you find these machines locally then they will be cheap compared to importing it from Costa Rica or China.

Coming to PU Polyurethane Baseball Ball Manufacturing, it is done in four steps, involving two machines, one is mould and the other is injection machine which pours mterial into the ball mould.

Checkout the following image.

baseball pu ball making process

PU Polyurethane Baseball Ball Manufacturing setup cost is in the range of $12000-$18000.

You can import the whole package from China, checkout Alibaba dealers for more details, the more costly item in this whole setup is Low pressure PU foam injection machine which can cost anywhere from $9000 to $14000.

low pressure pu foam making machine

Baseball Helmets Manufacturing Setup:

Now if you have like $55 to $60K more to invest in machinery then you should probably invest that amount in purchasing complete, automatic setup for manufacturing baseball helmets.

plastic injection molding for helmets making baseball, cricket, bike, bicycle, cars

The above price range doesn't include import duties, raw material cost, taxes, shipment, warehouse charges etc.

That's it, hopefully you got everything related to this business, so if you want to invest in it, go for it or you can check couple of more business ideas like Potato Chips Manufacturing Business and Napkin, Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business.

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