Ice Cream Factory in Australia (How Much Does it Costs ?)

Hello everyone 😊, in today's post I will be discussing total investment required to setup Ice Cream Factory in Australia.

Means if you want to start Ice Cream business in Australia then you are on the right page with the right info.

Before going for the main topic of this article, let me share some relevant important points here.

Australian ice cream

First, this article is going to provide information on Ice Cream Factory in terms of low end setup and high end setup, means you will get information on how much does it cost to setup a low end Ice Cream factory with minimum possible budget and also how much does it cost to setup a super cool high end factory with a healthy budget.

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Okay, let's get back to the main theme of this post.

Ice Cream Factory in Australia (Total Investment Required)

If you have already decided to start this particular manufacturing business in Australia and you are totally new to this whole business thing, then you should check out this post: How to Start a Business in Australia.

This post provides all the details concerning starting business in Australia, once you read that post you will be in a better position to start any business model type with ease.

Low-End Ice Cream Manufacturing Setup:

Okay let's first talk about a low end setup that you can start on a small scale and later on when you see that you ice cream business is doing great you can move to mid end or high end ice cream manufacturing factory.

With this ice cream maker you can manufacture about 6 quarts of ice cream in about 20 minutes; in the beginning I would suggest to buy couple of these machines to check if you can handle a small scale ice cream manufacturing outlet.

Once you gain the essential insight then you can move to high level setup, the about white mountain Ice Cream machine will cost you around 269$ and it will be delivered right to your door step via Amazon delivery service, the price doesn't includes Amazon Global Shipping cost, import fees etc.

This machine also comes with delicious ice cream recipe book, still if you don't find your relevant recipe you can always find it online.

Btw you can purchase this one for home use too 😉 !

If you want to buy this one, checkout the following link.

Along with the above ice cream machine you should also purchase the following one, which can deliver 40 pieces at a time, if you purchase one or couple of these I believe your small scale ice cream manufacturing setup will be complete.

Total cost of this low-end machine excluding import fees is almost 249$.

You can purchase this one from the following link below.

Okay this completes our small scale ice cream manufacturing setup, now let's talk about medium to large scale ice cream manufacturing unit/factory.

Medium-End Ice Cream Factory:

Okay now if you are looking for something that comes in between low-end and high-end like medium-end manufacturing unit then in my personal opinion you should buy any of the following two units for ice cream manufacturing from world renowned Korean ICETRO Brand.

1. ISI-273 SH3S
2. ISIV-273SHC

Here are details about ISI-273 SH3S

And here are some pictures
icetro ice cream making setup

icetro ice cream making setup

icetro ice cream making setup
And here are details of ISIV-273SHC

And here are some pictures of this model.
icetro ice cream making setup

icetro ice cream making setup

icetro ice cream making setup

For more details on these and other medium scale production units please check Icetro website online.

High-End Ice Cream Factory:

Okay now if you have like $15-20K in budget then I guess you should go for fully automated super awesome ice cream production line.

The one I am talking about here, you can import it from China, costing you around $10K, obviously this cost doesn't include import duties, taxes, fixed costs, variable costs etc that you will also need to keep in mind to start this business.

Ideally you need to have at least $50K in total investment, that's the bare minimum to start this business.

ice cream factory Australia production line
This automatic production line is capable of not only producing ice-cream but also yogurt and (treating) milk as per Australian standards.

The above setup is provided by Shanghai Victoria Machinery Manufacturer Co. Ltd (check out this link for more details).

Although it is not necessary that you purchase this whole setup from SVMM, this is just to give you an idea.

Besides providing you the whole setup, the manufacturer will also train your factory workers to manage the whole thing efficiently and effectively, means you will get a turnkey solution.

Although you need to have at least that minimum level of investment, that's a must.

That's it, over to you guys 😉.

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