About Me

Marketing Professional, Blogger by day and Poet by night!

Short & Sweet!
  • Had a Side Hustle (2016 2019)Successfully launched two different Brands, with over a dozen different products.
  • Manager Marketing & Sales at Human Care Laboratories (Current, since March-2016)
  • Branch Manager at Zong (China Mobile Pakistan) (November-2014 to March-2016)
  • Marketing Executive at Western Group Isb (2013-2014)
  • MS (Marketing)/Silver Medal
  • BBA (Hons) Human Resource
  • Worked as HR Assistant with a Local NGO (From January 2011- November 2011)
  • Worked as SEO Officer with couple of websites for around 11 months.

Now for those who love to read lengthy passages!

I always wanted to write about my ideas, contentions, approaches to marketing, small business, startups, I mean honestly I tried to submit my article to HBR and the rest is history, though I was really disappointed!!

But trying for HBR for the first time, that doesn't work right ... 😈

But hey! Now I can publish everything I ever wanted to publish, over here, at my own website!! thanks to that content writing job! Dream came true!

I have written like 30 plus poems, but the thing is I can't republish because I have published them online and now publishing them over here or anywhere else comes in copyrights!! (and I wonder) yes I wonder, what copyrights ?! exactly!, but as Marmalade song goes

The world is a bad place, a bad place...
A terrible place to live, oh but I don't wanna die...

And lastly, Honestly, yes honestly I am really bad at writing about myself, don't ask why, it's complicated! so how about you contact me via Contact Form in case you need help, want to know more about me, come on! give it a try! 😉

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