50 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan [Super Low Investment-BIG Returns]

Hello everybody, good to have you all here, today's post is about small business ideas in Pakistan that you can start with with little to no investment and earn big profits 😉.

In this article I will share some new business ideas and some already shared small business ideas on this website that are kind of buried (rip 😢) in tons of articles on this website.

I will also share some low budget like 1 lakh rupees investment business in Pakistan at the end.

Keep in mind these are not your typical burger point, pizza point, azad chai wala or shahid hussain business ideas rather quite unique and return wise healthy business ideas.

Return on investment or ROI in this article being referred to means percentage of profit per rupee of sales, for instance if I say such and such business has ROI of 20% that would mean profit of 20 paisa per 1 rupee of sales in that business.

Note: Present 25 Feb 2022 One gram gold value equals to 10777 Pakistani rupees, since gold value remains stable while currency value fluctuate thus we see hike/dip in gold price, therefore I will provide estimate of each business ideas in gold too, which will make estimates of this article valid even 100 years from now.

small business ideas in pakistan

okay without further ado let's get to it.

20 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

Small Business Idea Only

Okay this one will light up your brain, if you like having only a business idea and that's about it, no investment, no support, no experience, nothing; you can still convert that idea into successful business.

To learn how it's done, check out this article: I have just a Small Business Idea and that's it.

No business Idea, Nothing!

This one again is a kind of situation that most would be Pakistani entrepreneurs find themselves in, their mind is totally blank when it comes to business ideas, well don't worry I got your back 😉 I will help you out here.

I have special kind of chip that you implant in your brain, your brain will be oozing tons of business ideas anytime, no conspiracy here 😂😃.

Jokes apart, check out this article: I am totally blank when it comes to business!

The above article is quite handy in cases where you have no experience, no skill, no business wise healthy relationship that can help you to launch your business career successfully, in a nut shell you are nill bata siphar when it comes to business.

Garlic Powder Manufacturing Business

In this business you can earn daily upto 4000/- Pkr in net profit by just doing 4 hours of sales work daily, the idea is about manufacturing garlic powder from raw garlic's total investment to start this business successfully in year 2022 is 15000/- rupees only (1.133981 gram in gold ).

All you need is 15-20 kg of garlic, a grinder to grind that garlic into paste then drying them up under the sun and grinding them down in powder then selling it in 50 grams branded pouches consequently earning profit daily.

For more details how its done check out this article: Karobar: Garlic Powder Manufacturing.

Branded Baby Garments Manufacturing

If you have like reasonable investment like 1 lakh 50 thousand (13 gram in gold) you can start branded baby garments manufacturing business on small scale which you can convert into a big factory eventually.

Once you follow the manufacturing and sales strategy that I have outlined for this business model type; you will earn minimum of 2 lakh per month and maximum of 3 lakh per month with a total investment of 1 lakh 50 thousand to 2 lakh.

I have given all the details for this particular business idea like raw material cost, fixed costs, sales targets, profit, net profit etc

Do check it out here: Branded Baby Garments Manufacturing.

Home Based Business: Earn 60000/Month from just 4000 Investment]-1 lakh rupees investment business idea

If you are into poultry but not into typical poultry because typical poultry is big money game and you are here on this page because you were looking for small business ideas under or around 1 lakh rupees (8.5 grams in gold) budget then I believe there is still scope for you in poultry business.

What I am talking about is basically called niche in business lingo, means you find a specific niche in poultry where you raise a rare but high in demand chicken species and sell it for huge profit margin while the cost of running your business will the same as running typical poultry business.

Means if your monthly cost on a raising a single typical chicken is for example 10 rupees, it means in raising rare species your cost will be the same 10 rupees, while you will earn 5 to 8 times more in it than typical chicken poultry business.

It means you will be able to survive in financial healthy way in terms of cost competition but also will be earning handsomely.

If you are interested in this small scale setup, please checkout this article: Home Based Small Business [earn 60000/m from just 4K investment].

Now imagine you convert this business idea into a 1 lakh rupees investment occupation in Pakistan...

The sky is the limit...

Potato Flakes Manufacturing: Earn 200%-5000% Per Single Rupee Sales [Another 1 lakh rupees investment idea for Pakistani Entrepreneurs]

This might sound too good to be true, like how on earth one can earn 200% or 2 rupees by making sales of 1 rupee that's sound's too good to be true.

Oh and 5000% means 50 rupees for single rupee of sales, that is totally impossible!

You might think this bit of this article is clickbait or something but honestly its not!

To be honest I never wanted to share this business idea with anyone because I wanted to launch it like a low-key entrepreneur 😉 but then I thought why not make someone else life easy and here I am sharing it.

Well the short story is, I found a niche in spices which was like almost untouched by everybody else, like no one or just one or two guys were doing it and then I did some data digging research like how is the demand of this product and at what low price it is being sold.

That's when I saw 200% in profit for a single rupee, the minimum price for which this product was sold was earning that entrepreneur two rupees for single rupee sales.

To see how much the demand of potato flakes is, where and how it used and how can you manufacture it at your homes and earn super handsomely then you will need to check out the following article.

Small Scale Potato Flakes Manufacturing

You can start this business successfully with just about 50 thousand rupees (4.25 grams in gold) of investment.

Small Scale Fish Feed Manufacturing Business in Pakistan

Okay if you have been looking for a unique business idea, zara hut k then this particular business idea is for you, you can earn ROI of 50% to 150% in this business and you can start this business with minimum investment of just 5 lakh rupees (43 grams in gold).

This business is about manufacturing fish feed and then selling them in the market, for more details please check out this article: Fish feed manufacturing business in Pakistan.

Building Material, Construction App

This is perhaps the only idea that I think you can work on to become market leader, first mover in the construction industry.

I am talking about an app akin to zameen.com, daraz.com or rozee.com.

The idea is that with app you connect building material, labor supplier with customer and you earn by charging the supplier for being on the app.

Such suppliers are in thousands in Pakistan as construction industry is the back bone of Pakistan economy.

To manufacture and successfully launch such an app the total required investment will not exceed 5 lakh rupees (43 grams in gold) and you will be earning twice of that in next 8-12 months after the launch.

Keep in mind marketing, advertising plays pivotal role in apps success.

To check how to do it, check out this article: Construction Material Suppliers App

Retail Supplier: With 2 lakh 50 thousand earn 3000-4000 daily

Although this business is being done by loads of people but never the less it still has scope simply because the market is huge and so anyone can fit in without much effort.

You will need to supply different items from wholesale to retail while earning 3-4k daily.

How to do it and what kinds of items will earn you such a healthy return daily, you will need to check out the article: Retail Supplier Business.

Sweets Wholesale Business

This business is about setting up a sweet wholesale shop and selling to retail, if you have like 10 lakh investment you can actually combine the above Retail Supplier Business and this Business.

In this business ROI is between 5%-15% although it may seem like too little profit but actually here the sales volume is way high thus you earn handsomely on daily basis in this business.

You can start this business with minimum of 5 lakh rupees (43 grams in gold) although if you have like more investment then it will make your daily net profits better, means jitna gurr dalo gy utna meetha hoga 😉.

Coming to details like how to start this business, what products, brands to include in your business check out this article: Sweets Wholesale Business in Pakistan.

Digital Color Printing in Pakistan

How about you print peoples designs, pictures, logos almost anything in hd quality on things like pens, watches, laptops, mugs, smart phone covers, shirts, pants, pcaps, glass, leather, ceramic, steel, iron stuff etc and charging your wished price.

The best thing about this is, you will do it for a fraction of the cost, you will earn a minimum of 200% and a maximum of 500% in ROI for a single rupee of sales in this business.

Plus I can provide you the digital printer, I can import it from China and provide it at your door steps.

For more details on this business and digital printing check out this post: UV Flatbed Digital Printing Business in Pakistan.

New Business Idea Pakistan: Bio Fuel Manufacturing

In this business raw material cost the minimum possible I mean I couldn't find any other small scale manufacturing business where raw material cost is so low, in this business you will be converting grass, garbage paper, saw powder, leaves etc into bio fuel with a help of bio fuel making machine.

The cost of the machine is low, just around 3 lakh rupees (25 grams in gold) and I can import it from China, with petrol/diesel engine or electric motor.

You can also start this business in just about 1 lakh rupees (8.5 grams in gold) investment only if you make this fuel manufacturing machine in Pakistan with help of a local engineering firm.

You can start this business in no time and there are tons of videos on how to make small bio fuel burning stoves on youtube, so on one hand you will be making bio fuel and on other hand bio fuel stoves for burning that fuel.

In this business you can earn minimum of 400% in ROI, the price of imported machine is around 2.5 to 3 lakh.

For more details on this business idea please check this article: Small Scale Bio Fuel Manufacturing Business in Pakistan.

Mineral Water Manufacturing Business

Well if you are into small scale manufacturing business then this idea is for you, you can earn upto one lakh per month with just about 2 lakh/17 gram in gold (plus 4 lakh/34 gram in gold for supplying loaders vehicles) easily.

Its a fast moving item and you will need to start it in city, urban area to be successful.

How to do it efficiently and effectively ? check out this article : Small Scale Mineral Water Manufacturing in Pakistan.

New Business: Ice Cream Cones Manufacturing in Pakistan

Well this is new business idea that you may have heard quite a little about, out of all things it's about ice cream cones manufacturing.

ROI here varies between 60% to 100%, variation in ROI is mainly due manufacturing cost, marketing cost, market demand, price competition, quality of the product etc.

I can provide you locally produced cones manufacturing setup which will run on gas.

If you are interested in buying this setup hit me with a message/email/comment.

To know more details about this business please check the following article: Ice Cream Cones manufacturing business in Pakistan.

Okay here is another thing about this new business, you can actually convert it into four seasons business instead of just being in summers.

How ?

Check the next business idea.

New: Cones Chew Fake Ice Cream Manufacturing

In winters you can make fake ice cream, they are kind of cones filled with a little sweet chew on top and packed in sachet packaging (with the help of sachet packaging machine).

Check the following picture

You can make all types of sweet chew by watching different videos on youtube and once you ace it then you can use it in your cones and voila you got your fake ice cream for winter and honestly kids just love it!

You will need sachet packaging machine, ice cream cone maker, raw material etc, the over all cost will be no more than 3 lakh rupees.

ROI is almost the same, 55%-95%.

You can also fill these cones with cotton candy and wrap it up in cool packaging, this will be like your second product/business.

cone cotton candy manufacturing pakistan

A low end cotton candy making machine cost about 4500 pkr (0.36 grams of gold). 

Profit margin here is almost similar.

Branded Nimco Semi Manufacturing

This is perhaps the most easy one out of all, all you need to do is purchase crispy quality nimco in bulk, design a cool sachet packaging, buy a sachet packaging machine, pack it and sell it in wholesale/retail.

Buying even quality nimco in bulk means it comes cheap, packaging design must be awesome, packaging machine price vary in-between 1 lakh 20 thousand to 1 lakh 80 thousand (10-16 grams in gold).

Variation in machine price is due machine features, quality, brand etc.

You will need to pack the nimco sachets/pouches in quality box and then sell those boxes in retail/wholesale.

Start with 10 rupees nimco instead of 5 rupees, keep your nimco quality high and your margin minimum and you will love this business.

This business can be started in about 5 lakh (43 grams in gold) minimum.

To see how its done please check out this article: Semi Manufacturing-Branded Nimco Packaging.

Gift Packs: Super Profitable 1 lakh Rupees Investment Business Idea

This one is under one lakh rupees, it cost just 15-20 thousand rupees (1.8 grams in gold) to start successfully and the ROI here is 65%.

Business is about manufacturing toys boxes in 5 rupees range and selling them in wholesale/retail.

For details how its done check out the following article: Home Business Idea in Pakistan

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Note: this article will be updated with new content constantly so keep on checking it out daily.

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