Mba, BBA Marketing Scope in Pakistan (Facts!)

When it comes to MBA/BBA scope in terms of specialization (Marketing, HR, Finance, IT) in Pakistan, I would say each subject specialization has its scope and that it depends on various key factors.

Check the above ^^^ article if you want to know how much in salary you will make in Pakistan, by doing MBA, BBA.

In this article I am going delve on scope of Mba/BBA in marketing or specialization in marketing subject in Pakistan, in upcoming other articles I would go for other specialization subjects like HR, Finance, IT etc.

So let’s get to it.

Five Reasons Mba, BBA Marketing has Tremendous Scope in Pakistan!

Extrovert VS Introvert

K, first of all it depends on personality type, are you an extrovert or an introvert because marketing is something that needs an extrovert individual.

Extrovert is defined as : An outgoing, overtly expressive person.
Synonyms: outgoing person, sociable person, socializer, life of the party type of guy!

Introvert is defined as : A shy, reticent, reserved person.

In other words extroverts are people who can talk, can mingle easily, can easily built relationships, friends, are empathetic, have good taste in dressing and most importantly of all are full of confidence!

Since marketing requires us to deal with various clients, with different businesses, organizations, to do company meetings, presentations, other dealings therefore it is necessary that the guy that is doing all this stuff, is more of an extrovert than an introvert!

When it comes to marketing in Pakistan, confidence, presentation skills, body language, socialization really matters, therefore if you think you are not an extrovert and still like marketing that doesn’t mean you can’t do marketing, you can go for other things in marketing domain like market research, brand building, product packaging and design, advertising etc.

But in Pakistan marketing is almost and always about sales, about capturing market, about further market penetration, about meeting potential clients, parties, presenting your products/services, very few esp. large size companies, multinationals do proper market research, brand  building, product packaging and design etc.

Thus it is more likely that after doing specialization in marketing you will be doing all the market dealings, meetings, customer engagement, making relationships and then cashing those relationships etc and thus it is very important that you are more of an extrovert than an introvert.

Salary & Promotion

In my humble opinion, over the years observations of mine suggests that only marketing guys end with huge salaries compared to all others specialization domains.

I have noticed over the years that companies in Pakistan pay awesome amounts plus other benefits to those who can carry their marketing related activities efficiently & effectively.

I have seen over the years that it is more likely that the head of a company department in most cases come from people who have years of experience in marketing and sales.

Marketing skills require tremendous efforts to learn, to apply efficiently and effectively, you can learn almost everything there is about finance, human resource in span of 6-18 months but you can’t learn all the tricks, the whole trade of marketing in that much time because it involves too many variables.

Being a Sales & Marketing Manager myself I have learned finance, I can manage finance without any accountant, I have learned HR and so I can manage that too without the need for HR assets but Sales & Marketing is a different story, everyday is a new challenge, a new opportunity and thus constant learning!

That is why people with marketing background makes good Mangers, Department Heads, Directors because they learn almost everything while others who have specialized in different subjects or domains tend to remain limited to their own domains.


There is no doubt about that, marketing and sales involve pressure sometimes really tremendous pressure from company/market side and so this job although may give you great future with awesome salary is something that at times can take its toll on you especially if you can’t handle pressure!

In Pakistan main responsibility and liability always boils down to “marketing guys”, companies (esp. small ones) most of the time take you for a ride for everything that is wrong with the company and so that results in tremendous pressure!

No wonder they then pay great to those who handle such pressure and not only that they promote such people more often than the rest!

Your Own Business!

This is perhaps the most important point when it comes to scope of marketing in Pakistan, once you learn all the tricks and the whole trade you can then successfully launch your own business and thus becoming an Entrepreneur becomes way too easy for you.

Neither finance nor HR or IT guys can do it, they just don’t have that much clue about market trends, product trends, sales hotspots, quality vs quantity balance, pricing, market demographics, customer likes dislikes, competitors USP's etc.

Thus they can’t launch a successful business but you can because of you having rich experience in sales & marketing.

Most Wanted!

Once you have rich and at least a decade of experience in marketing and sales, that makes you the most wanted guy in Pakistani industry because they know your worth, they know you are the guy who can make it happen!

Majority of Pakistani companies don’t mind hiring people for managerial positions having 2-3 years experience but when it comes to marketing & sales, "the more experience the better" logic becomes the norm.

And most of these companies do their best to keep you happy all the time, it’s like being in army but you are no ordinary soldier but a fighting jet pilot and so the army does their best to keep you happy because you worth more than 100’s of soldiers, navy sailors!

Lastly all of it worth nothing, your BBA/Mba in marketing worth nothing if you don't learn it properly, excel in it greatly!

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Over to you guys! ;)

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