Scope of Mba, BBA (in Finance) in Pakistan (Important Facts)

Well, when it comes to Mba, BBA finance scope in Pakistan; majority of Pakistanis are not good in math esp. when it comes to finance, it’s not just me saying, it’s something coming from that dodgy NTS!

And since every business likes to keep a proper, formal record of their income, expenses, credit, debit, financial liabilities, it logically follows that people who know how to do these things the right way at the right time, will be in high demand.

That’s exactly how things are in Pakistan!

Every small to medium business employs at least one-two guys who know everything about financial management, accounts handling, so for instance if there are one million (10 lakh) small medium businesses in Pakistan, they would need at least 1-2 million guys to manage their financial activities that include but not limited to company, clients accounts management, stock & inventory management, financial management, opportunity, risk, cost analysis etc.

Now since SMEs constitute nearly 90% of all the enterprises in Pakistan; according to SMEDA, It means finance has great scope in Pakistan as majority of these enterprises will need some professional to handle their accounts, finance activities.

Al though finance has great scope in Pakistan, the important point is, like I repeatedly said, if you don’t learn a given subject, degree extensively, absolutely, with everything it contains, from a2z, then such a degree, subject, specialization will not have any worth or scope whatsoever, no matter what!

So first you need to learn it with full dedication, absolute concentration and by that I don’t mean pulling all nighters before exams or mindless rattafication!

Now let me give few facts about being an Mba, BBA Finance Guy in Pakistan.

Five Facts about Being an MBA, BBA (finance) in Pakistan!


You will get reasonable salary initially although it is more likely that you may be payed very low in the beginning of your career, like 8K-10K Pkr per month in salary, K indicates thousand.

Though once you gain experience you may then get some reasonable package around 20-25K, that will probably go on for next 3-4 years and after that, you will become expert in your field and so you can get pay around 40-80K Pkr per month.

Job Nature

Your job will be following a standard routine daily, there are no surprises or new tasks in finance, all you will have to do is to sit in the office and do a set of tasks on daily basis.

After doing those tasks for 3-6 months you will become really capable at doing them, it will take initially hours to do each task and after 3-6 month you will be doing the whole in less than couple of hours.

There will be no market pressure, no management pressure on you but yes still handling money is a serious thing, you can well get yourself in trouble by making one small mistake so you need to very cautious, keen and awake, at all times.

With passage of time your job will become less stressful, easy but if you are the kind of guy who doesn’t like doing one thing daily for years then you will probably get a lot bored with it.

Skills Required

Initially you will be required to handle company cash book, journal, ledger, trial balance, daily stock, inventory report, sales invoices, profit & loss and bank related activities, this could well be your key responsibilities for most part of your career.

Other activities like risk analysis, opportunity analysis, tax management plans, over all financial strategy development and management etc comes way later, which is mostly limited to big companies.

It is likely that you will be using computer software’s in conducting major portion of your daily activities therefore you need to be quite learned and effective when it comes to computer skills like typing, Microsoft world and other programs.

Career & Future

There will hardly be any promotions unless your company experiences tremendous growth and thus a need for a higher financial position arise.

Or when you are working with a big firm, company, you will get promoted but that too like any other promotion will take time, ability and performance you have over the years etc.

The reason companies do less promotions or pay less salary (in majority cases esp. in small businesses) when it comes finance is, because they know it’s a routine job with specific standard activities, SOP’s to follow thus lacking any challenge, any contribution to company growth or return on investment.

Personality Grooming

You will rarely get on front, initiate meetings, presenting company to potential clients, direct dealing with potential stakeholders thus due to lack of such exposure you won’t get your personality groomed enough, which is why you will never (in most cases) be promoted or given opportunities to prove yourself, because you will be lacking essential skills to handle these kind of activities.

Over to you guys!

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