What is Customer Involvement ?

What is customer Involvement ?
Customer involvement is, when a customer takes considerable interest in a brand; to evaluate, compare or purchase that particular brand.

Types of Customer Involvement

Customer involvement can be primarily divided into three types [1]

1.      Enduring Involvement

2.      Situational Involvement

3.      Response Involvement

Enduring Involvement

When a customer takes interest in your brand, product/service because of his/her past experience with your brand.

Situational Involvement

When a customer takes interest in your brand due to situation fit.

Situation fit means: Where product/service fits a situation in which a customer finds him/herself in.

For instance I am thirsty and so I am looking for something to drink (situation) and I buy a specific brand to quench my thirst (situation fit).

Response Involvement

This third type of involvement in simple words means the level of complexity or extensiveness a customer pursues in collecting information about a brand (product/service) and the cognitive processing of that information to take decisions regarding that brand.

For instance I want to buy an automobile of a specific brand, company and so I carry out extensive search for information pertaining to that brand and then carefully consider all that information to make a purchase or no purchase decision.


1.      Houston, M.J. & Rothschild, M.L. (1978) Conceptual and methodological perspectives in involvement. In Research Frontiers in Marketing:Dialogues and Directions (ed. by S.C. Jain), pp. 184–187. American Marketing Association, Chicago, IL.

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