3 More Best Business Ideas to Start in Qatar (2021) with 100% Net Profit!!!

best business ideas to start in qatar

Hello guys, welcome back, it’s been quite a long time since I did an article on the topic best business ideas to start in Qatar, for which I have been getting quite excellent response and some of you guys have asked me to share something more.

So in today’s article I am going to do exactly that and yeah if any of you guys haven’t read that one, here check it out: Top 30 Super Profitable Business Ideas to Start in Qatar Now!

For those of you who have already read that one, they should keep on this post!

Because in today’s post I am going to share with you a manufacturing business idea, that can definitely give you guys your dream income, net profit, return on investment, whatever you call it!

Yep! 😏

So without further ado let’s get to it!

One Machine & Three Businesses!

Yep, with just one machine you can launch at least three different businesses, three different products that have immense demand in Qatar!

I am talking about this machine

Now let’s talk about what this machine does!

This machine is used for manufacturing of eggs trays or pallets, you know those hard paper trays, like the following one
It is used to manufacture these from paper trash, means your raw material for this business is super cheap plus it helps environment by recycling trash paper.

You can not only make egg trays with this machine but also fruit trays, yep, that's another product, another business, fruit trays like below.

And with this machine you can also make drink trays, yep!
So that makes a third product (business) with this machine.

According to MERatings in 2018 around 10 thousand tons of eggs were produced in Qatar, that is roughly around 200000000 eggs if we take each egg average weight as 50 grams.

Now just imagine the number of egg trays/pallets it will require, according to one report, each day Qatar poultry produces around 500,000 eggs per day and one pallet egg capacity is 30 eggs, now just imagine.......!

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of this business aka profit, net profit, total expenses etc I think I should share some important points regarding this business, keeping these points in mind while running this business will definitely bring the desired results aka success in this business.

Some Important Points:

  1. You will need supply vehicles to make supplies all over.
  2. You will need a good location, preferably from where you can cover the entire Qatar easily either via your own vehicles or via bilty, in other words if you can’t arrange vehicles you will need to outsource that part with a reliable, quality transport service.
  3. You will need at least three guys to look after the machine and I am sure you can find many in Qatar.
  4. You will need to make arrangement with paper garbage collection for safe, complete recycling of the waste paper, I personally think with few garbage collection trucks you can get all the raw material aka waste paper for free or for as low as 0.25 Qatari riyal per kg, that is absolutely free.
  5. One egg pallet/tray weights around 75 grams, that means you can make at least 13 egg pallets in one kg, means one pallet material cost will be around 0.019 Qatari riyal, insane right!😉

Now let’s calculate all other costs like labor cost, production cost, fuel cost, warehouse etc to calculate overall cost on a single egg pallet.
As you can see in the above table, in this business you will earn over 100% for your investment, means for each single Qatari riyal spent you will earn one riyal as net profit.

Case of profit, net profit and total expense for fruit pallets or trays, drink trays is similar.

The best part is, being in this business for at least an year or so, you will be making a lot more, your revenue, net profit will double or triple.

You can sell these trays in 500 to 1000 pieces bundles; all you will need to do is to meet local eggs, fruit suppliers, coffee shops, juice points owners etc in the country, making an offer and that’s it.

The more suppliers, dealers you attract the more you will earn.

Fruits, Eggs, Drinks Pallets Manufacturing Machine:

Now let’s talk about machine.

Machine Features:

If there is one mould fit in this machine then it will produce 350 pallets per hour, if there are two moulds then it will produce 700 pallets per hour and if there are three moulds then it will produce 1000 pallets per hour, you can fit in six moulds in this machine at maximum.

With one mould it consumes 23 kg of waste paper per hour, with two moulds it consumes 44 kg of waste paper and with three moulds it consumes 67 kg of waste paper.

This machine is divided into three parts:

  1. Pulping unit: where waste paper and water are mixed to make pulp.
  2. Mould unit: here pulp is used to make pallets.
  3. Dryer unit: here the pallets are dried.

This machine is semi automatic, means you need a labor to put in waste paper, water etc while to pick up the output.

This machine will cost around 7000-10000 qr.

The variation in cost is due to quality, availability of the spare parts, gauge of stainless steel used, different features, variation in import duties, taxes like if you want to import it from china it will cost differently than if say if you want to import it from Germany.

If you want to watch video of this machine, like how it works then watch the following video from 8:41 minutes onward.

That’s it, over to you guys!

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