5 Super Easy Business Ideas in Pakistan 2021-2022

Okay guys, as you all know, I have already shared a post about business ideas in Pakistan titled 30 Business Ideas in Pakistan with Incredible ROI, which kind of became a super hit with my readers, getting the positive feedback I thought about going for yet another one!

And so here I am, to present you guys with another super awesome post!

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5 Super Awesome Business Ideas in Pakistan 2021-2022

New Businesses, New Products:

Pakistani market environment is a pretty tensed one, you need to put loads of efforts to survive as an entrepreneur, so how about buying new products instead of launching your own business, products.

Didn't get it ?!

Note: Present Octuber 2018, One gram gold value equals to 5080 Pakistani rupees, since gold value remains stable while currency value fluctuate thus we see hike/dip in gold price, therefore I will provide estimate of each business ideas in gold too, which will make estimates of this article valid even 100 years from now.

Well let me explain, everyday tons of people launch all kinds of products, services in Pakistan, what they need then is someone who can do market (sales) for them, well how about you becoming that guy, doing market for them?!

Well, don’t worry about cash, majority of newly started small business/startup owners would give you stuff on way too easy terms and conditions because they tend to be really desperate for sales.

All you will need to do is taking those products, service samples to the market and show them to potential wholesale buyers etc and that’s it.

Running such business successfully requires you to have at least five different products, services with you at the same time, though the more the better.

Having over five different products, services means more opportunities to get a deal done with potential buyers and thus more sales consequently bigger net profit. 😉

Here you can earn anywhere from 10-25%, means net income of 0.10 Pkr to 0.25 Pkr for each rupee of total sales.

Although be careful when someone offers over 25%, do make sure you are not dealing with fraudsters and yeah don’t pay anything until you show sample in the market to potential buyers and they mark it okay.

You can find such business all around you though the most preferable place to look into is to visit the nearby industrial zone or to ask your local distributors, wholesalers about any such opportunity.

Buying High Value, High Demand Stuff:

Big companies, brands in Pakistan tend to sit almost unachievable sales targets for their distributors, franchisees, agency holders and so when they are unable to meet the sales target they tend to sell those products, services at very low prices, almost without getting any profit in return.

Now here you will need to have some healthy cash, to purchase that stuff and once you purchase it, you can always sell them easily either by your own or by hiring a sales guy, such stuff sells like hot cakes, you won’t need to worry about sales.

Selling Something Popular But New:

Do I sound contradictory?! 😓

I am sure, I do!

Don’t worry, I am not, let me explain! 😉

Popular products/services don’t become popular overnight in Pakistan or in any other place for that matter, it always take time, almost years, so for instance you are living in Karachi and you see some specific product, service doing great in Karachi, how about buying that product, service and offering it in for instance Peshawar, Lahore, in some other place where nobody knows about it.

All you will need is, to make a visit to Peshawar (khushboo laga kay 😉😈), meeting potential big buyers there, setting up terms and conditions for business and the rest will become history!

This is how people start import and export on bigger scale, from country to country, from region to region, I am sure you have seen Rani juice, in Iran it costs around 12 to 18 Pkr and people sell it here for over 40 Pkr or how about those Iranian chocolates like Ramtin, it costs around 160Pkr per pack and people sell it to wholesalers for 200-210Pkr and they sell like hot cakes!

Packing Stuff & Selling:

How about buying a packing machine pictured below:

And then packing all kinds of sweets, dry fruits, nimco’s, spices, tea, rice, chips etc with it, putting it in a small box or just making sachet hangers and selling it to all potential buyers all around you.

Make sure you pack sweets, dry fruits, tea etc in packets/sachets that sell for 5 pkr and make sure your prices are competitive, meaning you earn little per pack, like selling a sachet hanger of kishmish (raisin) you earn just around 5 to 10 rupees per hanger.

Also make sure you offer all kinds of variety from dry fruits, sweets etc, the more items with competitive pricing means the more sales consequently more in total net profit.

Coming to buying that machine, well these packing machines are available in almost all major cities around Pakistan and a single machine can cost anywhere from one lakh to two lakh or you can simply order it here, by contacting Nadeem Engineering Fsd.

OLX & You:

Here all you need is a good camera and a right angle to shoot those perfect pictures and an internet connection!

Everyone around may want to sell something, you will need to dig it a bit further, some will want you to buy their washing machine others will want you to buy their flat screen and some will just want you to buy their home gym equipment or smart phone etc.

What you do is, you take pictures, put up a price tag, the more items pictures you upload to olx the more chances you will have in making sales.

For instance if uploading 10 items pictures give you a sale once in two days, uploading 25 will give you one sale in 24 hours, imagine having over 200 items...

In a nutshell, the more items pictures you upload the more you maximize the potential of sales.

That’s it, over to you guys! 😉

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